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08 August 2022

Aseptico AG receives order from a pharmaceutical company to dismantle a production line in Germany and set it up abroad.

18 July 2022 

Aseptico AG receives three orders in a package. Well-known manufacturer place orders with us for the electrical & mechanical installation of several UHT systems including homogenizer and sterile tank in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria.

22 June 2022

Chairman Christian Vidovic signs contract with Middle East located customer to install 16,000l/hr. UHT plant in Iraq Q4 2022.

 09 June 2022

After we had to cancel the installation a few years ago, today we re-start the Swani Food project in Tripoli, Libya. Looking forward to start the hughe dairy section before commissioning juice plant.
14 March 2022
Successful service performed- we have handed over the bottling line of a large juice manufacturer in France to its purpose.
28 January 2022 
With four months installation phase we handed over a UHT line to the customer in Austria on schedule.